31 Ways to Celebrate August, “Family Fun Month”


Month of fun brought to you by Dr. Wortman, PT, DPT

August is Family Fun Month, so I wanted to lighten things up and help you celebrate 31 days of wacky and unique daily holidays. I hope you have fun getting the most out of the last full month of summer right here in Caldwell, NJ.  

8/1:  When celebrating “National Raspberry Cream Pie Day”, head over to to find out where to go raspberry picking!  Enjoy the sunshine and get moving!  Reach high, low, fill that bucket!images-2

8/2: Walk around the store to gather ingredients for chocolate chip cookies so you can make your own chipwich and participate in “National Ice Cream Sandwich Day”!  Park far away from the store so you can get in a few extra steps.

8/3: Visit your local farmer’s market to slice up a watermelon for “National Watermelon Day”!  Carry it home in reusable bags for added strengthening!

8/4: Slather on that SPF and enjoy a day at the beach to celebrate “US Coast Guard Day”! Be sure to thank any service members you see and always enjoy the ocean near the lifeguards!imgres-2

8/5: Go for a jog outside to celebrate the start of the Summer Olympics in Rio!  Don’t forget to wear your team USA attire!

8/6: Plan a BBQ and invite all your friends and family for yard games and hotdogs to celebrate “National Mustard Day”!  Challenge everyone to a game of corn hole or ladder ball!imgres-3

8/7: Why not take a Zumba class to get things moving with your sis on “Sisters Day”?  You will shimy and shake, then go for lunch!

8/8: Have some playful mischief on your block running from house to house during “Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day”!  If you find some, grill it up for an added treat!

8/9: Visit the public library to see what’s new during “Book Lover’s Day”!  Walking up and down those aisles and holding books will surely make you feel the burn!


8/10: Get in the car and visit Hershey Park during “National S’mores Day”!  You will deserve one after walking all over the park and going on the rides!

8/11: Head over to the town pool to splash around with everyone and celebrate “Son and Daughter Day”!

8/12: Play monkey in the middle to celebrate “Middle Child’s Day”!  The heavier the ball, the more muscle you’ll be using!

8/13: Celebrate “Left Hander’s Day” by only using your left hand to stir things in pots, pour milk into a glass, and even play catch!

8/14: Walk down Bloomfield Ave to Gelotti’s to celebrate “National Creamsicle Day”!  You’ll burn those calories off before you indulge!


8/15: ½ way through the month!  Enjoy “Relaxation Day”

8/16: What do you call a pile of kittens? A Meow-tin! Happy “National Tell a Joke Day!”  15 minutes of laughter will burn 10-40 calories!

8/17: See what’s local!  Right on Bloomfield Ave you can find some treasures at Willing Hearts to celebrate “National Thriftshop Day”!

8/18: Visit the website Very Bad Poetry to enjoy “Bad Poetry Day”!imgres-5

8/19: Head outside and build paper airplanes!  Watch them fly during “Aviation Day”!


8/20: Dance Party!  Put on your favorite station and start dancing during “National Radio Day”!

8/21: The key to being young is staying active!  Happy “Senior Citizen’s Day”!

8/22: “Be an Angel Day” is all about making other’s lives better through kindness, caring, and support.  Pick up a random piece of trash, clean the playground, pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru!

8/23: “National Hug Your Boss Day” is today! Get ready Dr. Mayes!

“Vesuvius Day” commemorates one of the largest volcanic eruptions on record! Let it inspire you to get crafting and build your own with your kids.

8/25: Today is the day to start new! “Kiss and Make Up Day” is a great opportunity to make amends, so grab a pal and go down to Rock’n Joes to reconnect!

8/26: Head to Brookdale park for “National Dog Day” and let your four legged friend meet a few buddies in the dog park!


8/27: While in Verona Park, give a stranger a high five as they jog by to celebrate “Just Because Day.”

8/28: Give your forearms a rest and a quick stretch while you participate in “Race Your Mouse Day”! Good luck racing your computer mouse on the screen as you wait for your program to load!

imgres-88/29: During “More Herbs, Less Salt Day”, head out to the local farmer’s market or your own garden to pick fresh herbs while they are in season!  If you have lots, you can walk to the neighbors and hand them out!

8/30: On “Frankenstein Day,” we celebrate the author, Mary Shelley’s birthday!  So hit the gym and do some weight training to sculpt your body without any nuts and bolts!

8/31: Dried nuts, dried fruit, maybe even some chocolate all make excellent additions for “Trail Mix Day”!  Kick up those feet and have a snack! 

Wow, you’ve had a busy month! I hope you enjoyed  trying a few new things and having some fun with your family.



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