Positive Attitude + Physical Therapy – Back Pain = Wellness

Patient of the Month

Meet Mark, our May 2015 patient of the month! Mark is someone who exemplifies the power of a positive attitude amidst life’s challenges. He not only brings enthusiasm to every session, but he is one of the funniest people I have met. He literally has the entire clinic laughing by the time he leaves. 
As a doctor, I most appreciate Mark’s ability to receive and apply the information we discuss. I know that he will really utilize the knowledge and skills he’s learned in therapy as he moves forward. It was a true pleasure to support Mark in his journey towards wellness! 

In his Own Words…

Three Words That Describe You:  Artistic – Amiable – Altruistic

What brought you to PT? Word of mouth recommendation
along with a bulging disk that prevented me from doing
movements that I took for granted.

How have you benefitted from PT? Mentally, I realized
how important a daily regimen is. Physically, I recognize and
understand how important core strength is as well as balance.
All in all, I now realize how important it is to keep moving and
not become complacent or sedentary ever.

What would you say to someone with the same injury?
I would (of course) recommend Iron PT to anyone I come across who is suffering. Actually I already have. In the 3 months that I have been a patient, I have seen many different injuries or ailments come through the door that needed resolution. For example, my wife was a patient for her painful wrist. Now, she not only has no pain, but also knows what she did wrong that created the situation and strives to implement the corrective measures learned at Iron PT. So at Iron, you not only get pain relief, but also get educated on top of it…a win/win in my book.

What are you most excited about getting back to?
I am excited to get back to the links. I drove 20 or so practice
balls the other day pain free. I’m just excited to get out of bed
and stand without much pain anymore, and of course I will use
all of the education I learned going forward.

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