Jiu Jitsu Fighter, Boxer and Patrol Officer Makes a Big Comeback (POM 8/13)

Meet our Patient of the Month….COACH Bobby

It has been a privilege and honor to treat Coach Bobby. He comes into every single session ready to work with a positive attitude. For all of his accomplishments and grit, he is humble and genuine. He also keeps us cracking  up with wild tales from his high adrenaline life.

He is an exceptional person with a great support system, including his wife who tirelessly advocated and believed he’d make a comeback from the start. He is a fighter through and through and his story is a reminder for all of us to NEVER GIVE UP!!

Just another day in therapy with Dr. Mayes

Just another day in therapy with Dr. Mayes

In his own words….
 I ran into a friend who I hadn’t seen for a long time. During our conversation I told him that I underwent arthroscopic surgery on my right hip, but three months later I had no improvement. My friend told me about Dr. Mayes and how great his hamstring felt after his injury so I decided to give him a try. IRON PT was my last stop. I tried at least four other therapy places before IRON PT and was getting nowhere. After my first session with Dr. Mayes I knew I was at the right place.
Dr. Mayes pulled out all the stops to get me back and did something most chiropractors and physical therapists would never do, he encouraged me to get a hip replacement. I got the hip replacement June 10, 2013 and immediately returned to IRON PT. I just kept getting better. To the surprise of my surgeon and coworkers I was able to return to my patrol duties as a police officer in the city of Paterson only two months after surgery.
I now have the confidence to run, jump and tangle with suspects on the street once more. I was seriously considering retirement, but Dr. Mayes helped make it possible for me to look forward to finishing my last five years, enroute to completing a 25 year career.
I have definitely benefited physically. Dr. Mayes has me doing things I thought would never be possible with my hip. Most importantly, my confidence was restored. I was ready to pack it in and resign myself to a life limited by my injury. Dr. Mayes gave me a 100%, so I couldn’t give him any less.
I would absolutely recommend him to anybody with an injury like mine or any other type of injury. Dr. Mayes knew exactly how far to push me post surgery. It was as if he was the one who operated on me.
I feel as if I got a second chance at life. For a long time I couldn’t do my normal activities. I have been involved in boxing for the better part of my life and did it professionally before becoming a cop. Boxing was my life, and it was basically taken away. I couldn’t even continue as a trainer due to my hip. Brazilian Jujitsu is another activity which was part of my life.
I am excited that I have my life back. I am armed with new knowledge in training and injury prevention. Now I plan to go past any limitations I thought were impossible to overcome. I definitely owe a debt of gratitude to my wife who never doubted that I would return stronger than ever and Dr. Mayes for helping me to get there.

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