5 Reasons You Should Make Time for Vacation

By Meri Mayes

We just returned from an amazing family vacation on Anna Maria Island in Florida! With some great luck, we got out right before the big NJ snowstorm!

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, it is especially hard to take time off, but here are five reasons I think everyone should make time to get away.

1. Reconnect with Family

Sometimes we save the most exhausted and irritable version of ourselves for the ones we love most. Vacation gives us the chance to forget about responsibilities, rules, and challenges so we can indulge in conversation, snuggles, and extra time with the people who really matter.

This trip, we took both our kids and the grandparents so it was extra special.

2. Recharge and Get Fresh Ideas

Vacation is also a time to totally relax and refresh. This was our first non-working vacation in years so Sleep–Eat–Beach was the motto, and it left us feeling refreshed and ready to keep movin’ and shakin’.

Over the years, we’ve also made some of our biggest breakthroughs while sitting on a beach somewhere.  It’s amazing what you can think of when you have a clear mind and few distractions.

I can see Dr. Mayes' wheels turning...

I can see some recharging going on,.

3. Try New Things and Have Fun

When you’re young, the world is filled with constant learning and new experiences, but as we “grow up” we often fall into the doldrums of routine.

Vacation is an opportunity to try new things and keep life fresh and exciting. Go ahead — try parasailing, eat the alligator, feel your heart race — you only live once.


Look…Laina even tried scuba diving for the first time : )

4. Bolster your Health

You probably don’t need me to convince you that vacation is good for your  health but here are a few studies to bring the point home:

  • “Women who take the least amount of vacations are at a 50% higher risk for a heart attack.” (Framington Heart Study, 1992)
  • “Infrequent male vacationers have a 20% higher risk of dying from any cause and nearly a 50% higher risk of dying from a heart attack. (Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, 2000)

Here are our reasons….

5. Experience God

When you quietly watch the sun set over the ocean, it’s hard not to feel just a little closer to heaven. The sheer beauty and complexity of nature leaves you with the peace that passes all understanding.


Where is YOUR favorite spot to get away??


5 responses to “5 Reasons You Should Make Time for Vacation

  1. My family rarely goes on vacation unfortunately. Not necessarily because of time, but because it’s so darn expensive. I’m a kid at heart in that my favorite place to vacation will always be Disney World.

    • I love Disney too! The secret to a vacation on a budget is flexibility. I planned our destination and dates based on cost. We rented a 4-bedroom house which is much cheaper (and nicer) than a hotel, and I got 50% off the list price because I waited until the last minute (2 weeks before). Just a few thoughts! – Meri

  2. You convinced me! Thanks for letting us recharge with you!

  3. Great pointers! You have a beautiful family!!

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