Blender vs. Juicer: The Big Decision

My wife and I were standing in the aisles of Costco frantically scrolling through our iPhones to figure out the real difference between blending and juicing.

We would put the juicer in the cart and then take it out. Put the blender in and then take it out. I don’t think our kids (4 and 2) were at all amused by our antics.

Which should we choose to get more greens and nutrition in our diet? UnknownUnknown-1

In our harried search, we came across a great site,, that had a comprehensive but simple, post comparing juicing and blending.

Ultimately, we picked the high powered blender because:

  • A smoothie fills you up and contains more fiber, making it a satisfying and healthy snack or “dessert”
  • You don’t leave so much of the fruit and vegetables unused
  • It’s easy to clean

So far we have been really happy experimenting with all sorts of different concoctions in our blender. Maybe next year, we’ll branch out and add juicing to the mix. As with everything, it’s a personal choice and you really can’t go wrong.

IMG_0359 IMG_0363

Does anyone else prefer their blender over a juicer?

Can you recommend a great site/blog for green smoothie recipes?


4 responses to “Blender vs. Juicer: The Big Decision

  1. I use the blender for the reasons you stated above, but I’ve also learned that the heat from the blender and non-cold press juicers kills the nutrients as well. What to do….

    I also like the blender because I don’t have to use 10 boxes of kale to get 1/2 cup of juice 🙂

  2. I’ve been using a Magic Bullet, which is great for protein shakes. My daughter has upgraded to a Vita-Mix blender; with that power she can blend anything softer than rocks! So she’s enjoying awesome kale & spinach and whatever concoctions. She’s a great marketer for all things healthy and fun! 🙂

  3. I had just been using a juicer but have begun using a blender at times. I can put a larger variety of stuff in the juicer with less prep but, I like the fiber and ease of clean up with the blender.

  4. I use a high power blender (one that crushes ice well) since I make a protein shake at least once a day (a lot of frozen fruits).

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