Paleo Diet Challenge: Family Style

By Meri Mayes

My sister Melissa never dieted a day in her life!

Personally, I started getting into health and nutrition when I was about 14. Step aerobics was just getting big, and my Uncle Don made my first step out of plywood. I would spend hours in my basement doing videos with Tamilee Webb (remember her) and body builder Cory Everson.

When I was about 16, I remember ordering protein bars from PR Bar before people even knew what those were. Around the same time, I started hitting the local YMCA with my best friend Jill who was kind enough to take me because I didn’t have my license yet. We would take all kinds of classes and do a weight circuit in the gym. We were the youngest people there by about 20 years. I rode horses competitively and never played team sports, so this was a whole new world for me.

I also started learning more about nutrition, and there always seemed to be some great new idea out there (nothing has changed in that department). My mom and I were just laughing about those Entenmann’s cakes that were all the “low fat” rage in the 90’s. I definitely remember limiting high fat, fried or sugary foods and was even known to bring my own salad dressing to restaurants that didn’t have healthy options.

This all brings me back to my sister! 

While I was eating carrot sticks and doing aerobics growing up, she was eating Yodels and Twizzlers. She still reminds me that she would get a Whopper everyday for lunch during senior year of high school. You might be waiting for me to say she now weighs 250, but you’d be wrong. She looks amazing and still eats what she wants. Don’t get me wrong, she hits the road/gym now and does have a nutritious diet, but the girl has never met a piece of chocolate/candy she didn’t like.  When we go out, she can still be found eating a burger and fries. I say…good for her!!!

I bring all of this up to say, I am so glad (and proud) that my sister joined me in this 30-day Paleo challenge. Here’s why:

  • I needed some accountability. I see my sister almost everyday, and I knew that if she could do it, then I could too.
  • I wanted her to experience the power of choice. Everyone should know how it feels to really want something but choose not to have it. (click to tweet). It’s empowering and also makes you more understanding for the millions of people who make the hard decision to live without unhealthy food, alcohol, cigarettes, you name it.
  • Gave her just one more reason to believe she can do anything : )

So we have less than a week left! Let’s just say we are counting down til Halloween ; )

Me and my sistas – loves of my life!
Melissa on left, Annie in middle, and Me on right.

Weight loss to date:

  • Kerry – 10lbs
  • Lis (my sis) – 4lbs
  • Me – 2.5lbs. I have been battling the flu, so the gym has been out of the picture. My sister and I weighed in at exactly the same weight. Fun!

**As mentioned in earlier posts, Lis and I are not aiming to lose weight, but when you can only eat a few things, it’s bound to happen.


9 responses to “Paleo Diet Challenge: Family Style

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  2. Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. What an amazing journey you’ve had.

  3. Way to go for managing to get rid of a couple of pounds despite being sick!

  4. Congrats! This is awesome! I remember as a little girl, watching you and Lis and wanting to be just like you gals and now I know why, you are both amazing and I still want to be just like you two! You’re gorgeous! All three of you! Two thumbs up for healthy living, I too am trying the Paleo lifestyle and am LOVING it, ok not really loving saying no to so much of the food I love, but LOVING the results! Here’s to healthy lifestyles! Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Love you Brooke! Many thanks for your constant encouragement and support. It has been so exciting to hear about your own adventure in healthy living. I wish you had a blog because I’d love to hear even more.

      Keep up the amazing work. xxoo

  5. That is still great that you cut some poundage, even while being under the weather; keep up the great work so far, and good luck to your sisters as well:)

  6. Congratulations on the weight loss so far. I absolutely love the Paleo Diet and have had huge success with it. Nearly 40 lbs lost! I hope you are enjoying the rewards of the lifestyle change. Best of luck!

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