Getting Back on Track!


I’m finally back!

It was a crazy few days because I traveled to Atlanta, GA from Wed.-Sun. for an extensive course on ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUE (ART) which is a form of hands-on therapy for soft tissue dysfunction and injury.

It was an amazing course, and I’m really excited to put everything I learned into practice. With that being said, my marathon training has suffered a bit, so I’m anxious to get back on track!

I will be doing a full blog on ART soon, so stay tuned!

IRON PT WOD –  10/8/2012 – Hill/Trail run

  • 9.15 mi; 1 hr 17 mins; avg. pace 8’34”; calories 1076
  • Minutes/mile: 8’57”, 8’20”, 8’06”, 8’10”, 8’36”,  8’41”, 8’12”, 8’36”, 8’27”

IRON PT WOD – 10/5/2012 : Hill Run

  • 6.02 mi; 47’56”; avg pace 8’00”; calories 739
  • Minutes/mile: 8’02”, 8’00”, 8’05”, 7’43”, 8’17”, 7’38”

IRON PT WOD – 10/3/2012

  • 5.30 mi; 45’43”; avg pace 8’49”; calories 615
  • Minutes/miles: 9’16”, 8’11”, 8’14”, 8’31”, 8’46”, 2’44”

3 responses to “Getting Back on Track!

  1. I was supposed to be at that seminar but broke my wrist a week before. Im signed up for the LE in Chicago. How did you like the seminar? Real curious to find out how everything went.

  2. Looking fwd to the ART post! I am a big fan of that stuff 🙂

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