Runner’s High!

…. I’m still riding the runner’s high from my best run ever this weekend!

My little one is laced up for her “Runner’s high”!

I averaged an 8 minute pace during this 10 miler, which might have been even less if I hadn’t been socializing with my running group during miles 6-8. I’d like to replicate that energy and pace in future runs, so here’s a review of what I did before and during the run.

  • No running the day before the run – rest
  • 12 hours beforehand: carbo-loaded with favorite pepperoni pizza, stretched, and foam rolled
  • 10 hours beforehand: Drank a Whey protein shake. I don’t typically do this, but I didn’t get in a good strength workout over the past week and just felt my muscle mass being nibbled away from the increase in running
  • SOLID SLEEP – 8 hours
  • Breakfast – 1/2 cup coffee, banana, spoonful of peanut butter, 10-12 oz. of GU Roctane (an energy drink) and 1 GU gel 15 minutes beforehand

7: 38 AM – THE RUN. GU Roctane mixture during and 1 GU gel after 5 miles

IRON PT WOD – 7:38 AM – 9/15/2012

  • 10.15 mi; average pace – 8’00”; calories – 1258
  • Minutes/mile: 8’05”,7’28”,7’11”,7’27”,7’13”,8’53”,8’55”,8’55”,7’50″7’32”

One response to “Runner’s High!

  1. Wicked fast! And your little one is so cute! I definitely agree that rest days the day before a long run is much needed. Great job!!

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