Blaze your own trail!

I blazed the trail yesterday with my fastest 9-mile run to date….and man did it feel great!

It started to rain during the last few miles which gave me that “Rocky Balboa” – like feeling. Well, I wasn’t exactly carrying logs in the snow, but I experienced a “runner’s high” as I enjoyed being out in the element  I paused a couple times during the run to snap a few pictures.

So, despite all the grueling runs required in preparation for the marathon, be sure to enjoy the moments along the way!

IRON PT WOD: 9/4/2012 Trail/ Hill Run

9.20 mi; 8.06 average pace; 1146 calories

Minutes/mile: 8’22”,7’49”,7’34”,7’42”,7’52”,7’44”,8’12”,8’10”,8’13”,


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