Secrets to Proper Running Technique!

New York City Marathon fever is growing!….And so are the length of the long training runs!…I did 16.25 miles today, I can’t believe it!

As your mileage continues to increase, it’s more important than ever to be focused and intentional with your preparation. Running technique will be the topic of this week’s blog posts….Stay tuned!

IRON PT WOD – 8/26/2012 – Slow, long, hot run @ 10:27 AM

It was a beautiful day and nice change of scenery out in the country!

  • 16.25 mi; Average pace: 9’22”; 1,836 calories
  • Minutes/mile8’55”, 8’27”, 8’55”, 9’06”, 8’45”, 8’57”, 8’46”, 9,10″, 9’10”, 9’05”, 9’05”, 9’20”, 9’33”, 9’47”, 12’17”, 10’12”,
  • Stretching, foam rolling, pool time with my girls…


  • Rowing, Bench Press, Squats, Clean & hang, 24″box jumps, leg lifts, hamstring curls, abdominal work….Get in, get out!

IRON PT WOD – 8/24/2012 – Rest. NY Giants game!… I had a great time even though they lost.



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