Taste the Rainbow!

Mom enjoying summer’s best!

By Meri Mayes

Summer is here! The farmer’s markets have opened and beautiful food abounds – from vibrant red heirloom tomatoes to velvety pink peaches, bright green herbs, and berries in every shade – it’s the best time of year for fresh eating. Nature makes it almost irresistible to fill up on healthy goodness and yet I still see plenty of plates with a boring, and nutritionally lacking, array of brown/white/yellow (i.e, chicken fingers, fries, mac & cheese). I could go on for hours about this epidemic on our menus (especially for kids), but I will simply encourage your families to indulge in the abundance of fresh food during this time of year. Many grocery stores even provide delicious produce from local farms so it’s convenient and affordable.

What’s so great about all that color?

Fruits and vegees are a great choice for weight control because they are low in fat and calories while being high in water and fiber content so they keep you full. They are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants which can do everything from decrease the risk of birth defects and cancer to improving immune health, memory, and blood pressure. Here is a great list of the most popular fruits and vegetables with their specific health benefits.


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