Bike MS

For the last six years I’ve participated in Bike MS, but this time it is even more personal. In January one of our great friends, Megan Pryslak, was diagnosed with MS. My wife has been friends with Megan since they were in grade school, so the news was particularly upsetting. As a physical therapist I’ve known a number of people battling the disease, but it has been eye opening to really see the process unfold. From the painful and confusing symptoms, to the frustration of getting a diagnosis, to receiving a welcome packet from a Society that currently has no cure, it is an unimaginable challenge. The disorder affects you in every way from taking your kids up and down the stairs (Megan has two) to getting dressed and remembering that you have a doctor’s appointment; but I believe that if we all come together, a cure is possible! So for Megan and so many others, I bike to create a world FREE of MS.
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