You will feel better…

Our Clinic

This is a blog to make help you Get Better and BE Better.  We want to help you get out of pain so you can move, move, move. We will talk about physical therapy (what is that anyway?), injury prevention, sports, nutrition, events, trends and products we love.

We are a husband and wife duo! He is the Doctor of Physical Therapy, and she is everything else. We decided to open our own practice so we could deliver the kind of personalized healthcare we think you deserve.

We like to think of Iron Physical Therapy as a “boutique” clinic. We are small, specialized, and one-of-a-kind. Sure we treat the usual orthopedic pain, sports injuries, and post-surgical patients, but we do it in a totally different way.

We are not interested in quotas (i.e., 30 patients a day), shortcuts, or nameless faces. We are a community based practice that is focused on one thing – helping you recover and experience an abundance of health and wellness.

We are excited to connect with you in a whole new way! Let the learning begin.


One response to “You will feel better…

  1. Yo Mer,

    I love the blog….value added..personal..the heart and soul of the American free enterprise system. You are a duo that cannnot be beat. We just returned form the office Christmas party and Mary was saying how much her grandson loves his PT. You can send me flowers for the referral. Ha

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